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Training is considered as the best method of preparation. Be it a competition, an interview or an examination, a trained candidate is assumed to perform way better than the rest.

CFA TrainingTo keep up with the growing need to perform many aspiring CFA candidates look for the right training to crack the CFA examinations. And with the emergence of right training and its benefits to the candidates, the CFA Institute has initiated a collaboration venture with over forty institutions across the globe offering the right training for the CFA program.

With over 75% of syllabus meeting the CFA curriculum, the aim of these training institutions is to make the students familiar with the style and pattern of the CFA examinations.

To ensure the standards in quality, the CFA Institute closely monitors the courses offered by the partner institutions.

The CFA Institute has 136 society members all over the world of which 86 society members are in America, 16 in Asia Pacific and 34 in Europe, Middle East and Africa. All the society members focuses towards providing their respective countries with the best financial and investment experts.

In total of 150 countries world wide there are 1,73,000 distinct candidates that are waiting to be CFA charter holders and 95,735 candidates that already are CFA charter holders. Such figures give a very clear picture of the seriousness people have shown in undertaking the training for the CFA program and how it will continue to attract such a large numbers from around the world.

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