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The Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) program is among the most sought after programs in the world. The salary criterion of a CFA charter holder depends upon numerous factors, the important ones being experience level, job type, employer type and the company size.

CFA SalaryFor an entry level CFA charter the average annual salary is about Rs.2,35,790. If one gains an experience of about one to four years, the average annual salary may get to some-where around Rs.4,87,900. Adding up another 10 or more years to the experience level, a CFA graduate can draw an annual salary of Rs.8,15,700 to Rs.12,86,100.

Talking about the type of job, in the last two years the chief financial officers got the highest CFA salary, which was around Rs.8,51,300. The second highest paid job type was vice president, getting Rs.8,03,400 a year. Some other job types that raked in good pay cheques were portfolio managers with Rs.6,58,000 a year, senior financial analysts getting Rs.5,70,700 a year, investment analysts with Rs.3,22,600 and banking analysts with salaries up to Rs.4,87,500 a year. The lowest paid CFA got an annual pay of Rs.3,73,200.

The employer type is another factor governing the amount of CFA salary. CFA’s working for different employers got different figures as their salary. A CFA working as contractor earned the lowest salary of Rs.3,31,900. A CFA working for a foundation or trust gets an average annual salary of Rs.5,56,300. The states and local governments pay Rs.5,49,900 to Rs.6,57,200 as annual salary to their CFA employees. The highest paid CFA’s have been working for franchises and getting paid around Rs.8,08,900 annually.

The companies, no matter small or large, have always paid their CFA employees handsome salaries, ranging from Rs.4,48,600 to Rs.5,50,000 annually.

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