CFA Courses

The academic session of CFA program is based on Candidate Body of Knowledge established by CFA Institute.

The curriculum comprises of three study levels. At the end of each level an exam is conducted to test the knowledge acquired.

The various topics undertaken in whole academic session of CFA program are:

CFA CoursesEthical and Professional Standards, Quantitative Methods, Economics, Financial Reporting and Analysis, Corporate Finance, Portfolio Management, Equity, Fixed Income, Derivatives and Alternative Investments.

The 3 levels are different from each other in various aspects, that is:

  • The level I study focuses mainly on tools and inputs and includes introduction to most of the topics.
  • The level II study focuses on the application of tools and inputs and the topics are taken in great detail.
  • The level III study emphasizes on the strategies for applying tools and inputs.

A brief discussion over some of the topics:

Quantitative Methods

Mainly concerned with statistics and covers probability theory, hypothesis testing, regression and time series analysis.

Corporate Finance

Covers capital investment decision, capital structure and dividend policy.

Financial Reporting and Analysis

Includes analyses of financial reports, ratio and financial statement.

Security Analysis

Covers analysis of various asset types that is: equity, fixed income, derivatives and alternate investment.

Portfolio Management

Includes Modern Portfolio Theory, Investment Practice and institutional investors, asset allocation and measurement of investment performance.

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