Actuary Vs. CFA

An actuary is a professional who is usually employed by the insurance industry to evaluate risks associated with insurance and premiums. The professional needs to be a highly trained statistician so as to use his or her mathematical skills in an appropriate manner. On the other hand, CFA is a highly trained finance professional who uses all his accounting knowledge and skills to analyze, evaluate, control, and monitor financial matters of a company or an organization. In general, both the professions require extensive knowledge on finance along with good mathematical skills.

Actuary Vs. CFAHowever, there are many differences that rule the specifications and requirements of the industry. Actuaries are mainly responsible for evaluating and forecasting the probable financial risk and hence these professionals are more demanding in the insurance sector. These are also employed by corporate to manage credit, monitor corporate securities, and also take care of all company’s investments.

When talking about the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA), these are mainly financial analysts who are usually employed by banks, financial companies, and multinational companies as well. These are responsible for handling all the investments and credits of the company including stocks, securities, commodities, assets, and other financial tools. Accounting, economics, trading, security analysis, and corporate finance are some of the key strengths of CFA professionals.

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